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Small businesses are relying on their IT more and more. Ensuring that the IT systems are operational as much as possible it is important to keep up with the ever changing technologies. STS PC can work proactively to ensure that you are aware of these technologies and we employ them using our experts. STS PC will discuss the various options with you in easy to understand ways without the techno babble and ensure you have all the facts so you can make the most important choice.

Why Network?
We carry out a network analysis of your current systems to determine how we can increase reliability and performance. We then draw up a network design which evolves into implementation and delivery phase of the new network infrastructure


  • Improved productivity
    A well designed network will improve communications and response times whilst increasing internal productivity through 'always on' high-speed connections to the Internet.
  • Reduced costs
    Networks reduce the per-user costs of central resources such as application servers, printers or specialist peripherals by sharing usage.
  • Protected data
    A well designed network will include appropriate security measures and will centralize the data backup for your organization, making the regular protection of data a systematic routine task.

What we offer?

  • Free Initial briefing to assess requirements and future requirements
  • Free Site survey
  • Free Consultation
  • Free Submission of detailed proposal and quotation
  • Network Design, Installation and Implementation (including cabling, telephony, LAN etc)
  • Network Topology Construction-Install Network Infrastructure
  • Firewall Installation and Configuration
  • Data Cabling

Data Cabling Services:

  • Design of Wiring System (Implementation)
  • Twisted pair, fibre optic and voice
  • Extensions to Network or Installation of new-Maintenance of Network
  • Upgrade of Network (if required)
  • Cat5/6 Cabling
Network Installation and Upgrades
Networking is the backbone for any business, no matter which industry it hails from. It also does not matter whether you are opting for a fresh network installation or you want to expand it further. We will assess your existing network, and recommend upgrades based on your needs. If you don't have a network in place by now, STS PC is capable to create a new network from scratch.

Home or Business Wireless Network Solutions
A secure wireless network can provide you with freedom of movement anywhere at home or in your office. You can move around with any WIFI-enabled laptop and still have internet and network access to your home or business network. If you have broadband internet access and you want to access the internet or your home network without any physical cable connection to your modem or router, then we can help. We will provide FREE consultation on what equipment you may need with an approximate cost of the equipment and the relevant labour charges for the installation of a wireless network.

  • Cost effective wireless network installation for homes or small-to-medium-size businesses
  • Adding wireless capability to your existing home or business network
  • Home or business Wi-Fi Network Configuration and setup
  • Cable free, secure wireless network solutions for homes and businesses
  • Wireless WAN / VPN Network solutions for businesses
  • Wireless network security solutions for home or business
  • Wireless network troubleshooting for homes or small-to-medium size businesses
  • Wireless networks for schools, colleges and universities

Wired LAN Solutions
Whether you have a small set-up with only two PC’s or a complex 10+ client computers / server network STS PC can assist you with all your networking requirements. From software based issues such as the smooth running of DHCP or creating and maintaining specific subnet ranges, to hardware issues such as configuring patch-bays, installing routers, switches and relays, and the actual laying of LAN/CAT5 cabling and trunking STS PC can help you and ensure optimum performance for your network environment.

Wireless Wi-Fi Network Solutions
STS PC can install and expand your existing WiFi Network of your office LAN. STS PC can help you design a viable WiFi topology, recommend appropriate hardware and software components, and integrate access points, wireless LAN client adapters, bridges, antennas and accessories. We can also help you create a wireless security strategy that fits within the security plan for your entire business network.

If you would like more information about our service please do not hesitate to contact us

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